Ageless Doctor Jones?


To the shock of many, including myself, Harrison Ford will don his Fedora and bull whip once again as the ageless Indiana Jones. The film is set for summer 2019, and Harrison Ford will be 77 years old. The Twitter-verse is overwhelmed currently with every joke in the book on what the title should be. Here are some humorous examples:

Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost AARP, Indiana Jones and the Search for Gold Bond Powder, Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Bingo Hall, Indiana Jones and the Dentures of Doom, Raiders of the Social Security Trust Fund, Indiana Jones and the Quest for Low Cost Viagra

We recently saw Ford do a wonderful job reprising Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But he was 72/73 when he was filmed for the part. Harrison was younger than that when the last Indy came out. Harrison Ford has always been tough and in great physical shape, but even he has to hit a wall somewhere, and this part might be it. Lets assume he will be 75 or 76 when filming Indiana Jones 5. This film has always been an action based adventure. I felt that Crystal Skull leaned too heavily on CGI elements to give it a wow effect, how much more so now with Ford much older this time around?

These are legitimate questions, but I think the real problem is making this film in the first place. Most people did not enjoy “Crystal Skull”; I did not like it either. What are you going to do to save the franchise? You’re back with the team-up of Spielberg and Ford, and they are
both old, and what are you going to do to make this film better than the last film? What creative people are you going to bring on to breath fresh life into this dying franchise?  I don’t see it, unless you alter the paradigm of what this movie was in the past.

So what is the answer? Is there some way to make this work? To not have it be a joke that kills the franchise off once in for all? Yes, I believe there is a small hope, IF they lean on to what worked in “The Force Awakens”. Why did an aging Ford do so well in this film? First he injected a passion into it that I did not expect him to muster up. He really was Han Solo again. If he brings the same fervor here, it will help. Here are the three things I recommend to make this film watchable, and enjoyable.

  1. You bring in a younger talent, that brings a real charisma to the role. What I am saying is that Ford must become  Indiana senior, no longer the junior. Perhaps a daughter would make a valuable foil. I know he had a son with Marion in the last film, but I would like to see a better candidate emerge.

     2.  Use real sets, and limit your CGI effects as much as possible. It would add a grit and realism to the tale, that I felt benefited “The Force Awakens”

3. The film will desperately require an emotional component. I’m not saying Indy has to die, but something tragic needs to occur to Indy or someone else that we care about. I think if we have a villain that is lasting, and the villain kills someone dear to Jones, or dear to the new star that is taking over, this would help. If there is nothing emotionally striking in this film, it will feel flat.

So that is my two cents for Indiana Jones 5. I will be carefully watching what unfolds as we draw closer to the 2019 release.


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