Dawn Of Justice: non spoiler primer


I was all set. I knew ahead of time what this movie portrayed, in my mind anyway. I was ready with a cool title(When Stars Go Dim) and ready to blast these false heroes, and Hollywood for ruining my pristine image of them. Well, this movie is far from perfect, as are our heroes, however they are not as dark and grim as was advertised either. Batman is as hard and brutal as we have ever seen him.  Do I crucify him over that, given what he has to face every night?  It’s debatable, I can’t blame you either way. Ben Affleck, in my opinion may be the best Bruce Wayne/Batman we have seen yet. He has a gravity and intensity that even Bale was unable to capture.

Superman is not the Christopher Reeve version either. Part of me mourns that, but I am coming to grips. He is not the paragon, however he is not an anti-hero either, though it takes deep into the film to truly understand that. He is misunderstood, as thousands of casualties are attributed to him in his previous fight with Zod (Man of Steel), leaving many cold.

While it is not easy to grasp Wonder Woman’s true motives, she is a delight in this film. She is very powerful, and steals the show in my personal opinion. For the young women wanting a hero to root for, she joins Rey (Star Wars)in the progressive pantheon of the latest incarnations of heroes. That said, she is NOT the Wonder Woman of the 70’s. Her compassion and integrity is not as obvious, though I believe it will reveal itself in time.

I call this a primer, as my main reflections will be very much spoiler filled, and will be posted in a couple weeks. In conclusion, I enjoyed the film much more than I expected to, however it is still a darker, grimmer reality than some would prefer. To me the end of the film though wrapped in some tragedy, reveals a thread of hope, both literally and spiritually that travels with me to the future.


One thought on “Dawn Of Justice: non spoiler primer

  1. I saw it yesterday, and loved it even though I spent the first 45 minutes sitting next to the worst smelling person in the world. I don’t even have a basic knowledge of comic book superheoroes, so I didn’t understand everything that was shown. But I did see Man of steel for the 1st time the day before, which did help me get some of the references.

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