Wonder Woman saves DC filmverse


It has been nearly a year since my last post. I did not want to keep this thing up just to have a blog. I need to have a passion for it. So I return with this post, and another one soon on the Fate Of “The Last Jedi” and Luke Skywalker.

Perhaps I am the only one, but to ME the DC filmverse has had one failure after another.  I was not impressed with the last addition to the most recent Batman trilogy. I did not like “Man Of Steel” despite the fact that it was far better than “Superman Returns”. To me the actor seemed to portray a more arrogant and less compassionate Superman. There was tons of destruction and CGI effects in that movie and little else. I did not really like “Batman verses Superman” To me Wonder Woman stole the show in that film, and I was left reeling with a Batman that kills, and a Superman than seemed aloof to the world’s problems on a micro scale. Yes the end showed a softness to Superman, and perhaps a turning point for Bruce Wayne  that we did not see earlier in the film, but it was not enough to save the film for me. Not to mention the ridiculous notion that an armored Batman can defeat Superman. The only way Batman ever defeats Superman is with a brilliant trap and Kryptonite. Moving on…. I refused to even see “Suicide Squad”. The entire idea of it turned me off. So with all THAT baggage, I had zero desire to watch the upcoming Justice League film, and had washed my hands of DC……..


and then I went to a luxury theater in Daytona Florida, and saw Wonder Woman, and it shattered my expectations, and renewed not only my hope, but perhaps the hope of all moviegoers.




While I do grow a bit weary with every new Disney film having to have a strong female lead,  and a submissive male sidekick, this movie was everything I could have hoped for.

What I saw was a child on an island of female warriors, who was not satisfied with being the only child in the world, pampered and protected. What I saw was that child fiercely refusing to be anything but the savior of the world. What I saw was this child with the power of a God grow to become the woman she wanted to be. What I saw was the compassion that was missing in “Batman verses Superman”, and so defined her in the 70’s. This was the essence of the Linda Carter Wonder Woman, thankfully devoid of the political manipulation of that time. Even better I saw the Wonder Woman of the comics, nearly as powerful as Superman, and armed with his same morals. Thank God!!!!

So instead of an epic collapse from DC, there is a gleam of hope. I personally do not think they can ever reach the heights of what is a very successful Marvel filmverse, though not without faults and redundant restarts. ( please, oh please stop with the convoluted multiverse, and multi generational actors in X-Men. I will never watch another one of those movies again. And please keep THIS Spiderman).


I think DC may finally learn that people really do want their heroes to be good people. I think the audiences have sent the message… no more anti heroes and villain movies please. At least I hope DC has the sense to go a lighter direction. Yes you can have gravity and even tragedy in these films, and still have the hero take all that and learn from it and grow. You can have edginess in your stories, but also love, humor, and compassion.

So I end this post in hope for the future and most of it is thanks to Wonder Woman.






One thought on “Wonder Woman saves DC filmverse

  1. Despite itself, a corporation was able to finally create a major motion picture with a strong and inspiring female lead, and in a big budget superhero movie no less. Warner Bros. needs no applause. They’ve been eating Disney/Marvel’s dust for years. They had no choice in the matter, really. A truly credible Wonder Woman movie became a top priority. I would definitely like to see more but, just like in the comic book world, Wonder Woman will take a back seat to the Justice League and such. Ironically, for the general public, Wonder Woman continues to resonate at a much higher level than many a fictional character, superhero or otherwise. Go figure!

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